Cream of Tartar Drug Test Method Does it Really Work?

Tartar powder on spoon used in cream of tartar method

You’ve probably heard about this method of passing a drug test discussed online on a variety of websites. Many say that the cream of tartar drug test method is the easiest and cheapest way to mask drugs in your system.

The real question is, does cream of tartar truly work and help you pass a drug test? We dive deep into the reasoning behind this method and whether it holds up.

What is the Cream of Tartar Drug Test Method?Tartar powder in a spoon

Cream of tartar drug test method is categorized by mixing a couple of spoonfuls of cream of tartar with water, then drinking the mixture with the hopes of eventually passing a drug test.

You’ll find various people claim that different amounts work, ranging anywhere from 16 ounces of water to less water to create more of a paste.

Either way, it’s important to note that this concoction is quite horrendous.

Important thing to know here is that you won’t be drinking it down easily. The online consensus is that the more liquid the better.

After you’ve downed the cream of tartar drink, you’ll urinate frequently trying to flush it all out.

The idea is that your system will be clean from toxins for a free hour and you are ready to submit a healthy urine sample.

Does Cream of Tartar Help You Pass a Drug Test?

The truth is that there is no proof that the cream of tartar drug method works. The claim itself is far fetched with some seeming to claim that it quickly and miraculously flushes drugs from your system.

While it might flush out some toxins such as marijuana, this cream of tartar drug test method won’t help you submit a clear urine sample for a drug test.

It is important to remember that there is no miraculous way to pass a drug test even though people claim it possible. Listen to your gut instincts in this case.

3 Strategies That Work

While the cream of tartar drug test method isn’t a way to pass a drug test, there are other more credible options out there. Take a look at these 3 ways that might help you to pass.

1. Synthetic UrineSynthetic urine being held by a professional

Synthetic urine is made to simulate the appearance, color, and make-up of natural pee.

This particular product is used for a variety of reasons outside testing for drugs, such as diaper and mattress testing.

However, many found synthetic urine to be a great substitute for when they have drugs in their body and wouldn’t be able to provide a clean sample.

This fake sample can really be kept for months in a fridge and only needs to be checked every once in a while to make sure that the sample has spoiled.

This method will help you pass a urine sample drug test.

2. Detox Drink

There are a variety of natural detox drinks that will help clean drug toxins from your body. The liquid causes you to pee more often and flush those toxins out of your system. You can drink a natural drink such as apple cider vinegar that will help clear your liver.

While some people will tell you that cream of tartar is a certified drug test avoidance method, there is no evidence that cream of tartar will help you pass a drug test.

A tea or juice detox won’t work completely in a short amount of time. Be aware that this method takes days to weeks to work. Keep the ingredients for a detox drink in your fridge or cabinets at home, so you are ready whenever you need to start, or get one of the best detox drinks if you wish a more reliable solution.

3. Detox PillsHand holding numerous a number of pills

You can find detox pills at your local box or home goods store.

This method apparently can help clear toxins from your bladder, liver, and entire body.

The best detox pills will help you pass a home drug test or pass a urine drug sample.

Your body naturally flushes drug toxins from your system, but these pills help speed up the process.

Be careful, check the ingredients of each detox pill you look into. Some companies put dangerous ingredients and won’t tell you.

Completely read the labels as certain ingredients could cause you harm such as sibutramine or undeclared drugs.

Other Drug Test MythsCranberry, mouthwash and poppy seeds

Cream of tartar drug test method isn’t the only natural detox myth out there. Here are a couple more drug test passing methods that people say could really help, but won’t.

Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Explained

The science behind cranberry has proved there is no medical backing for using this ingredient as a natural drug toxin flushing drink. It won’t help you pass a drug test.

Some people are going to tell you that the ingredients in cranberries could help you pee more. The more you pee the faster you clean out your bladder which will then help you submit a clean urine sample.

Also, cranberries contain high levels of sugar and fructose that can cause some damage to your body [1].

Mouthwash Drug Test Method Explained

If you need to take an oral fluid drug test, then you might be considering the mouthwash method. Using mouthwash is a fake method, and it won’t do anything to aid in passing a drug test.

Poppy Seeds Drug Test Method Explained

A popular myth is not to load up on poppy seeds before a urine drug test. The answer to this myth is: no. The amount of drug toxins in these seeds is quite small and won’t show up on a urine sample.

You will most likely pass a drug test without any problems since they won’t create a positive result. But, if you eat lots of seeds, then there could be a slight change [2].

If you are going to get a drug test, we really recommend avoiding poppy seeds, but only for peace of mind. Whatever you decide, you can pass a drug test after eating these seeds.

Using Cream of Tartar to Pass Drug Test: The Takeaway

The cream of tartar drug test method won’t help you pass a drug test either at home or at your local lab. All you will be doing is putting yourself through misery trying to drink the hard to swallow cream of tartar which is the main part of the cream of tartar drug test method.

After drinking the liquid, you still won’t pass the urine drug test.

There are better ways to flush drug toxins from your system and that will help you to pass a test. One of the methods we mentioned above, like submitting a fake sample, will be more helpful for you. Don’t go to the store to buy cream of tartar before your next drug test.



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