Does Cranberry Juice Clean Your System From Drugs?

cranberry headerWhile it is true that the use of marijuana has already been legalized in many states, it is still a fact that there may still be a remaining stigma about the use of the weed.

If you are asked to undergo a urine drug testing in order to pass an employer requirement, you will need to very quickly remove all traces of the THC or cannabis from your system.

This is particularly the case if the chance of you getting accepted for the job hangs in the balance on whether you pass the test or not.

Flushing The System

glass of juiceDoes cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

A lot of people have employed the technique of detoxing their system by drinking lots and lots of cranberry juice to try and get away with their marijuana use. If you are trying to employ the cranberry juice flush technique to pass a drug test though, it is very important that you drink only a safe amount.

This is because over-dehydrating is not going to bode well for you. Many people have been relying on this as a way for them to get any metabolite eradicated from the body.

Cranberry juice is used to “cleanse” to pass a drug test due to the fact that it is considered as the cheapest and also the easiest way for a user to pass the screening. The reason why cranberry juice usually works is that urine tests often measure the presence of metabolites that are on it.

When the technique is used, metabolites that contain the pot particles will be cleansed out and hence; you get a passing grade.

Can Cranberry Juice Flush Marijuana?

Cranberry juice may help in flushing out substances from your system, but its effectiveness in flushing marijuana is unproven. Having said that, it may help you flush out whatever is in your system because of those two important components. But there is no actual proof of how effective cranberry juice can be when it comes to flushing marijuana out of your system.

So, if you have a bunch of time before your drug test, then it is a viable solution for you but if you are short in time then this is not a good option.

Flushing May Not Be Instant

It is important to remember that detoxing is not something that can produce instant results.

This is because if you are a regular marijuana user, then there is a good chance that the metabolites are very much embedded in the system and doing the cleansing only a couple of days before the drug test is not going to cut it. Also, it is going to take more than just a few glasses to get you the results that you expect.

There may be a need for you to do the pot flushing for even as long as an entire month in order for you to start seeing results.

Cranberry Juice Effects

Cranberries have been known for their diuretic properties. This is mainly the reason why a lot of people opt to use the juice when doing the weed detoxing technique instead of just going for water alone. Many people have since been using it as a way for them to flush the metabolites at a much faster rate when compared to water.

There are individuals who have been using cranberry juice for cleansing are known to be able to get rid of THC metabolites in their body. But it is important to remember that this is not an instant effect. This is an effect that one can expect if he does the technique for an extended period of time.

The juice has also been known to have the ability to help in flushing toxic compounds from cannabis that are in the bloodstream and in the urine when used for an extended period.

Possible Risks


One needs to remember too that this is not a fool-proof technique.

The only full-proof ways to passing drug test:

  • Not doing weed or any drugs in the first place
  • Opting for detox drinks formula

There are always going to be risks involved in using such measures to try and flush out proof of your pot use from your system.

For instance, it is a fact that the cranberry juice, when taken on the regular, can increase the PH level in the body. This can have an effect on the results of the drug test.

There were instances where people opted to take a lot of juice days before they took the test and this caused them to have invalid test results. This is because their test results were unusual and hence, have to be tagged as invalid. This may cause them to have to retake the test. This shows that cranberry juice may not be enough for you to pass a drug test.

Besides, if an employer has other testing methods aside from urine to determine if there are THC particles on the body, this is not going to work as it is only going to have an effect on the urine and not on the other parts of the body.

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Use Only Real Juice

So, does cranberry juice help you flush drugs out of your system?

If you do decide to use cranberry juice to try and detoxify and flush marijuana out of your system, make sure that you will only use real juice. This is because artificial juice usually only contains a tiny bit of the actual juice that will have the necessary effect on your system. In many cases, they will only have about 10% of the actual juice.

The rest is just sugar. So, if you are ever going to get the best result for the technique, then you need to see to it that you use natural juice.

Also, natural juice cleansing for drug tests is not instant and may take up to a month or longer to detoxify your body, so I don’t recommend it if your goal is to clean your system of drugs.

If that’s the case, you may want to opt for detox drinks formula like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

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