Can Men Use Women’s Urine (and Vice Versa) for a Urinalysis?

switching pee between men and women

Drug testing has become pervasive in almost every aspect of professional life. Everyone from pro athletes to the guy that drives the snowplow is being randomly checked for drugs as are computer programmers, chefs, factory workers and cops from sea to sea. There are plenty of people, however, including scores of constitutional scholars and human rights lawyers who think the practice has gotten way out of control. They argue that it’s being abused by employers with no legitimate need to know if their receptionist had a few puffs on a doobie at the club on Friday night.

Can You Use The Opposite Gender’s Pee?

scale of both gendersYou can use the opposite gender’s pee, but sometimes it is possible for drug screening machines to detect if a person has submitted urine from someone of the opposite sex. One of the most popular ways of turning tables on Peeping Tom employers is to submit either a sample of synthetic urine in place of own urine or to ask a friend to donate a sample of their urine which the checked person can submit. Among the many potential issues these practices raise however is this: If a man submits his girlfriend’s urine as his own (or vice versa) will the screening machine be able to tell that the pee is from someone of the opposite sex? The short answer is “yes,” and “no”. We’ll explain.

Is There a Difference Between the Two Gender?

There is a difference between male and female urine and is primarily physiological, with little distinction in standard drug tests, although more comprehensive screenings can detect gender-specific markers.

  • faces of both gendersIn men, the urinary tract shares a common pathway with that used by the male reproductive system. In other words, men both pee and ejaculate using the same pathway in the penis. In women the urinary pathway and reproductive pathways are separate.
  • The male urethra or urinary tract is typically about 6 inches long while the female urinary tract is only a couple of inches long.
  • Urinary tract infections are fairly common in women mostly because the urinary opening, the vagina and the rectum are in close proximity to one another. While in men urinary tract infections are rare mostly because the tip of the penis is a good distance from the rectum.

We tell you all this to make a point; that just from a physiological perspective there’s not much difference in the urinary systems of men and women. Therefore, pee from both males and females is practically the same, which means that in most cases, with most types of standard 5-panel drug tests, no one will be able to tell whether the pee actually came from a man or a woman.

However, more comprehensive screening would be able to discern if a sample originated with a male or female by looking for other, far more difficult to detect markers like hormones. So you see the answer is “Yes, there are screenings that can tell if a sample is male or female” but “No, most standard drug tests don’t look for sexual indicators.” Therefore, in most cases, a person should be able to submit a pee sample from someone of the opposite sex and not have to worry about being found out.

A Caveat for Men and Women

urine samplesOne caveat to the notion that a person would be safe submitting a sample that actually came from someone of the opposite sex is this: Since women are typically smaller than men if they drink the same amount of alcohol it will show up in higher concentrations in their blood. Same with illegal drugs. And the higher the concentration, the longer it will take to completely pass from the system. Therefore, if your lady friend had a rip-roaring time at a party a week prior to supplying you with a urine sample whatever illicit substances that were in her system may not have completely cleared the way they likely would have if a larger man had consumed the same amounts. So if you know your prospective lady donor is a party animal you may want to try another way to get around the drug test; like synthetic urine or better yet, not using.

If They’re Not Testing for Hormones, What Are They Checking For?

In a standard “5-panel” drug test, they are not checking for hormones; instead, they are checking for five different substances, which include methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, THC, and PCP.

  1. substanceMethamphetamine Meth is a stimulant that typically comes in powder or crystal form and is usually made in basement laboratories.
  2. Cocaine This white powder has ruined countless lives since it came into vogue during the 1970s. Almost all cocaine in the US is imported from Central and South America.
  3. Opiates An opiate is a derivative of the opium poppy. Opiates include heroin, morphine and a variety of other powerful painkillers.
  4. THC THC is the chemical in marijuana that produces the high. It is the most commonly discovered illicit substance as far as drug screening goes.
  5. PCP Sometimes referred to as “horse tranquilizer” because, well, that’s what it is, PCP is a synthetically produced compound often stolen from veterinary offices. It produces powerful hallucinations. Also known as “angel dust” PCP use can trigger a schizophrenic-like state in those who abuse it.

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How Do You Pass The Test Then?

To pass the upcoming comprehensive drug screenings, consider using synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution, as they are not likely to test for hormones in job-related screenings. 7, 10 and even 12-panel screenings are likely going to become the norm in the near future. In addition to the five substances noted above these more comprehensive tests will be looking for things like barbiturates, methadone, quaaludes, MDA, oxycodone, Percocet and more.

Even with the expansion from 5 to 10 panels however it is unlikely any screening administered for job purposes will be testing for hormones. If you’d just like to avoid the issue altogether, however, you may want to look into synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution. It’s inexpensive, relatively easy to buy and has the highest success rate amongst all the brands that we’ve tried ourselves. We’ve also reviewed the product extensively which you can check out here.

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