Whizzinator (Fake Penis) for Sale – Where Can I Buy it?

where to get cover photo(Please Note: Whizzinator states that it is intended for novelty use only. This is my personal experience.)

Whizzinator is a synthetic urine device used to deliver pee. The Whizzinator is a penis look-a-like. It is made from a material that looks and feels like the real thing, and it has features that supposedly make it easy to operate and use.

One of the most searched phrases on Google is "Whizzinator for sale". This shows you how popular this product is.


Recently it has came under the spotlight for leaking (read more). This is a obviously a major problem for people that don't want to wet their pants before a drug test.

If you need to drive to work and sit about for an hour or so, then there is a real chance the Whizzinator could leak. Many users are switching over to the Monkey Dong product (review coming soon). Under many tests, the Monkey Dong has been shown to store the urine for long periods without any drips or leaks.

However, if you still want to take a risk and buy the Whizzinator, read on.

How Can I Purchase a Whizzinator?

With the rise of awareness of synthetic urine, there is more coverage on the internet and articles about its use. Just like most other products today, you can buy the product online. Technology has made it much easier to access it online, so it does not matter where you are you can buy the product.

Online Shop IconWhen purchasing the Whizzinator online, you have to ensure that you are protecting your financial details safely while at the same time doing it efficiently and smoothly.

First, you have to make sure that the site that you are buying from is not a fraud.  Make sure your package comes complete will everything that is supposed to come shipped with the Whizzinator...

The items that come with this product are:

  • Two leg straps that come with a quality waistband to ensure everything is in place.
  • Four organic heat pads that able to maintain the needed body temperature for 8 hours.
  • One high-quality synthetic urine vial.
  • One syringe to clean and refill the device.
  • A set of instructions and tips on how to use the device.

With this market continuing to thrive every day, there are chances that you could be buying the Whizzinator but from a vendor who is not genuine. This is the reason why you should take extra caution to ensure that the site you are using is genuine.

Another problem is with the online scammers is they might not be sending out a safe and genuine device. Avoid these frauds at all costs no matter how good the sale price is. By ensuring that you do a thorough check on the website before putting entering your card payment details.

Where Can I Buy a Whizzinator on Sale?

We always get asked, "Where is the best place to buy the Whizzinator." Well, you can buy the product online from official sellers at a very cheap price. They are a trusted source that will work to ensure that your product reaches you as fast as possible and that the device is discreetly packaged.

With them, you are assured that your Whizzinator will be the official product unlike other cheap vendors, who might defraud you or even provide no synthetic urine products at all. Their products are very real looking because they take the time to get their products to be the most realistic in the crowded market. If you're interested in buying this product, please check out our Whizzinator review. However, as mentioned above, due to the leaking issues we recommend the Monkey Dong.

In our Whizzinator review, we discuss how it nearly sabotaged a urine drug test.

For this reason alone, we recommend the trusted Monkey Dong.

Why Order the Product from a Trusted Seller?

If you are looking for a fake penis for a drug test or synthetic urine, then always order from a trusted seller. They will normally have a 24/7 customer support contact center to help you with any of your queries. If you have a complaint about their services, they should react to it as fast as possible.

Puck Technology created the Whizzinator, and over the last decade, it has continued to grow in sales. But now since the Monkey Dong has hit the market and has been shown to be more reliable, we suspect that the Monkey Dong has surpassed the Whizzinator in market share.

There is a lot of competition out there with new products entering the market every year, but many of the failing points with their devices has been their ability to control the temperature of the urine which needs to be 98 to 100 degrees. Otherwise, the labs won’t accept it. That is an automatic fail, and it could mean, you lose your job. There is no use buying a second rate product.

So to conclude, buying the Whizzinator is risky due to its leaking issues. We would recommend the Monkey Dong all day long. Whatever you chose make sure you buy from an official seller.

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