How to Pass a Military Drug Test? (3 Best Ways Explained)

Soldiers signing up for a military drug test

Passing a military drug test is challenging, but it’s not impossible. You can do a few things to increase your chances of success. 

After a lot of research and comparisons, I have finally found the most successful ways to help you pass a military drug test. 

In this article, I will explain the pros and cons of each way to give you all the information you need to decide on what option is best for you.

Quick Summary

  • There are five kinds of drug testing: random, medical, consent, probable cause, and commander-directed.
  • If you’re caught using drugs in the military, you will face stricter consequences than if you were a civilian.
  • If you fail a drug test as part of the military service candidate process, you can typically retake the test at a Military Entry Processing Station.

Levels Of Military Drug Testing

A soldier holding a jar and a test strip for a urine drug test

Some military service members abuse either illegal drugs or controlled substances.

Illegal drugs are not allowed to be used, produced, or possessed. Controlled drugs are usually prescription medications, such as marijuana. 

Although they aren’t technically illegal, controlled substances do become against the law when used without a prescription.

The military has three levels of drug testing to identify drug abuse or usage

  • Level 1 –  identifies the use of illegal drugs.
  • Level 2 – to check if the initial results were a false positive.
  • Level 3 – done using Gas Chromatography (GC) or Mass Spectrometry (MS) to confirm the results of levels 1 and 2.

5 Types of Military Drug Tests 

A doctor holding a jar of urine while writing

Let us now talk about the five different types of drug testing used by the military to monitor and assess its personnel’s use of prohibited substances.

1. Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing indicates that anybody can be tested at any time using urine tests. The entire group or just a selected sample may be tested at the commander’s discretion.

If you refuse to give a urine sample for a urinalysis, you might encounter problems in the military.

The military conducts random testing on a regular basis so that all of the service members will have been tested at least once a year [1].

2. Medical Drug Testing

A urine test during a medical evaluation may screen for illicit and regulated substances. These tests are also required of recruits to see if they are qualified for military enlistment.

3. Probable Cause Testing

When a military commander suspects that soldiers are under the influence of drugs or engaged in illegal drug use, he may conduct a probable cause test. But before conducting such a test, the commander must first obtain permission from the installation commander.

4. Consent Testing

If an individual in the military agrees to take a drug test, this is referred to as consent testing. An example of this would be if someone was up for promotion and they agreed to take a drug test as part of the promotion process.

5. Commander Directed Testing

Even in the absence of sufficient grounds to justify a search, and even if the service member refuses to allow a search, the commander may order them to provide a urine sample for urinalysis.

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3 Ways To Pass Military Drug Tests

A person wearing gloves holding a test strip with jars of urine in front

After trying out different methods, I have come up with the three most effective ways to help you pass a military drug test. 

  • Detoxing
  • Synthetic Urine
  • Flushing

1. Detoxing

Detoxing is the process of getting rid of pollutants in your body. Detox drinks and kits can help speed up your metabolism or make your urine thin so that you can pass a drug test.


  • You don’t have to worry about being caught with fake urine or your sample being too diluted.
  • This is one of the safest methods as it doesn’t involve cheating.


  • It can be costly to buy a lot of detox drinks.
  • You may have to consume large amounts of water.
  • You will have to abstain from drug use.

This is the most effective method to use if you want to pass military drug tests. It has the least risk of being caught and is the most foolproof method.

I would recommend using detox drinks or pills if you have the time to spare and can afford it.

2. Synthetic Urine

An image of a hand holding a jar filled with urineSynthetic urine is a mixture of fake (or generally non-urine-based) fluids that can replicate actual human urine.

It’s often sold as a pre-mixed powder that, when combined with water, produces something that looks like real pee.

You should be able to pass your drug test if your artificial urine contains the same chemical makeup as actual urine because the lab only looks at things like PCP, THC, opioids, cocaine, and amphetamines.


  • Not too costly.
  • Longer shelf life due to powdered form.
  • Most closely resembles actual urine.
  • Heaters and a temperature strip are included in the packet.


  • You will have to create the sample on your own because it is powdered.
  • You could miscalculate the amount of water or the method of mixing.

Although this technique is successful, it may be time-consuming and risky to prepare. So I wouldn’t recommend using it during a military drug test.

3. Flushing

An image of bottled water and glass filled with waterFlushing is the act of ridding your body of built-up waste in your digestive system through emptying your stomach, intestines, and urinary bladder.

Flushing is a frequently used technique to pass a drug test. In order to cleanse your system of all pollutants, you must continue drinking water for the days leading up to the exam.

While flushing your system of drugs before a test is practical, it does require some strategic planning and can be challenging. 

Consuming lots of water will dilute the concentration of drug metabolites in urine, altering the color, specific gravity, and creatinine level. These changes may give you a false positive result on the drug test.


  • It is the cheapest of all the options.
  • It is easy to do anywhere.


  • It takes a while to work.
  • It requires you to go to the bathroom a lot.
  • Results are not always accurate.

Despite being the most popular approach, I wouldn’t recommend it because the results might not be as precise as the other techniques.

Consequences of a Failed Military Drug Test

A sad soldier holding his head

Military soldiers who test positive are usually given another chance to retake their failed drug test at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS).

If recruits’ drug test results return positive for drugs, they may be allowed to reapply 90 days after their first try, depending on which branch of the military they hope to join.

“As a service member, you undoubtedly know the military has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. The expectation is that if you’re entrusted with protecting and serving your country, you must do so without the influence of illicit substances.”
Joseph Jordan, Criminal Defense Attorney

If you fail a second time, you will not be allowed to join the military. You may also be subject to charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). 

The penalties for drug use in the military are much harsher than in the civilian world and can include administrative or disciplinary action, dishonorable discharge, confinement, and even death.


How Accurate are Military Drug Tests?

Military drug tests are highly accurate because they go through a three-level accuracy check with certified labs in the local, state, and federal governments before being approved.

Can You Retake a Military Drug Test?

Yes, you can retake a military drug test if you fail at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS). Applicants who test positive for drugs may be permitted to reapply 90 days after their initial test, depending on the branch of service.

How Long Does it Take for a Drug Test to Come Back to The Military?

A drug test takes 1 to 3 days to come back to the military. However, if the results are positive, it might take a little longer, usually 3-5 days, from when the collector delivers the sample to the lab.

What Drugs Pop Up on a Military Drug Test?

Drugs that pop up on a military drug test are marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine. An additional drug screening may detect the presence of substances like steroids, morphine, heroin, barbiturates, and LSD.

How To Fight a Positive Drug Test in The Military?

To fight a positive drug test in the military, you must either prove that you are using these drugs with a prescription or dispute the handling and testing process.

How To Prepare For A Military Drug Test?

In the military, you are subject to any type of military drug testing. These tests can happen anytime, and you need to be prepared for them. 

The best way to prepare for a military drug test is by using a detox drink such as Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. It is the simplest option to use in the military and has excellent results.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse starts your body’s filtering process, which helps eliminate pollutants. The natural components included in it have antioxidant benefits, allowing your body to remove toxins from your circulation and liver, freeing them from your system for good.




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