Sub Solution vs Quick Fix (5 Key Differences to Check)

A comparison image of Sub Solution and Quick Fix synthetic urine

After testing a dozen synthetic urine kits available for a drug test, I finally discovered Sub Solution and Quick Fix. These synthetic urine solutions have been around for years and have become two of the most popular synthetic urine kits, but I wanted to test them first to compare. 

After weeks of testing, I put together everything you’ll need to know about Sub Solution and Quick Fix drug testing kits, with comparison and user reviews from both brands. 

Read on to determine which synthetic urine is your best chance to pass a drug test. 

5 Key Differences Between Sub Solution And Quick Fix

An expert creating the formula of synthetic urine in the laboratoryThe main difference between Sub Solution and Quick Fix lies in the formula. Sub Solution has a highly complex formula and a heat maintenance method reliable enough to pass a drug test. 

Compared to Sub Solution, Quick Fix fake urine has a basic formula that is great for passing standard urine drug tests but may not go well against chemical or validity tests. Personally, validity testing is the actual challenge. 

Validity checks for the proper pH and specific gravity, the right ratio of creatinine, and occasionally the levels of urea and uric acid [1]. Sub Solution, which contains 14 compounds discovered in urine, is effective in passing drug tests, including complex ones.

The other significant difference is that Sub Solution is in powder form while Quick Fix is a liquid. I had to mix Sub Solution powder with filtered water before submitting it for a drug test, which can be a nuance. I used filtered water since tap or bottled water contains elements not found in urine. 

However, another feature of the Sub Solution that stood out compared to Quick Fix is its design. Its switch flow spout eliminates the need to remove the cap to submit the sample, and its leak-proof construction ensures that no unintentional spills will land in your pocket.

Its small size makes it discreetly concealable, making it easier to enter the drug testing center covertly.

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Comparing Their Features Head to Head

I compared five important features between the two fake urine solutions. 

1. Ingredients

A chemist mixing chemical ingredients togetherFirst, the Sub Solution formula contains 11-14 chemicals, while the Quick Fix only includes the main elements found in natural urine.

Most of these substances in Sub Solution support maintaining a healthy pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels required to pass a drug test. They also make it easier to heat the fake urine sample using a heat activator powder and heat activator powder vial. 

Uric acid and urea are the most crucial ingredients that account for how well both fake urine solutions match the composition of regular urine. These synthetic urine solution samples are as close as you can come to a mixture that passes for real urine because the urine kit includes organic and inorganic salts and other ingredients found in actual urine. 

Additionally, both synthetic urine kits claim they are biocides-free, usually used as preservatives in most fake urine brands. 

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2. Effectiveness 

A doctor holding a jar of urine and doing a thumbs upBoth products are developed to pass lab validity checks, but Sub Solution is better equipped to pass modern drug tests. The most effective solutions include a heating pad that keeps the urine within the correct temperature (90-98°F) and a unique temperature strip. 

Sub Solution has a proprietary heat activator that quickly raises the urine’s temperature to the desired level. It is a convenient and transportable solution to mix the powdered pee and activator minutes before a surprise urine test. 

I found that a third of the heat activator powder is enough to raise the temperature; otherwise, the fake urine sample may overheat and lose its efficacy if the activator powder is over-mixed into the solution. 

Sub Solution’s heat activator powder contrasts with Quick Fix heat pads, which may need an hour to accomplish the same thing. Sometimes the fake urine sample might not work with a heating pad. The heat may be turned off too quickly, slowly, or unevenly. The only solution is to heat or cool it down before submitting it for a drug test which is why Sub Solution beats Quick Fix. 

3. Solution Form

Synthetic urine in powder formSub Solution comes in powder form compared to Quick Fix liquid form. Its preparation requires mixing with clean filtered water (don’t use tap or bottled water) approximately five minutes before handing it over. Since Sub Solution is powdered, the components won’t mix or settle during packaging.

However, it can be difficult to determine the proper amount of heat activator powder because there isn’t a measurement cup included. But a third of the heat activator powder worked well for my samples. 

Quick Fix is pre-mixed and available in 2-3 ounce bottles because it simply needs 15 seconds to be prepared for use in drug tests. Compared to Sub Solution, it’s more useful for last-minute testing. If you rely on Sub Solution, you risk getting caught, especially if you accidentally put too much heat activator powder. 

Contrastingly, Quick Fix comes with two heat pads. These heat pads can pre-heat the sample. But it’s also difficult to sneak in the heating pad with you if it’s a supervised drug test, so you’ll have to take away the fake urine sample from the heating pad. 

4. Smell and Appearance 

Both products have a urine-like appearance, foam, and smell. The warm yellow hue of real urine is one of the essential features observed in a drug test. Clear Choice has created a technique to tint their product to resemble the natural color of urine.

Sub Solution will succeed even in what some lab technicians call the “sniff test.” The sample is usually held up to the light, shaken to observe how it foams, and even smelled to determine whether it smells like fresh pee.

5. Price

A man planning to buy synthetic urine using his credit cardSub Solution synthetic urine kit costs around $90, while Quick Fix ranges from $30-$50, depending on the extra ounces you need. Discounts are available for bulk packages and when more urine samples are required. 

Purchase both brands of synthetic Solution fake pee straight from the source to avoid problems. Confirming that the phony urine kit you are buying is authentic and hasn’t been interfered with by someone else is crucial. Manufacturers ensure certain safety to your products, like shipping discreetly and testing quality standards before making them available. 

I ordered my fake urine kits from the official websites, and they arrived in good condition, undamaged and unlabeled, so no one knew what was inside the package. 

Most users’ reviews online agreed that buying from third parties increases the risk of fakes.

Stand-Out Features

A doctor comparing two different jars of urine

I examined the essential ingredients to understand which synthetic urine kit is better. 

Sub Solution 

Here are the elements that stood out in Sub Solution synthetic urine:

  • Creatinine: Chemists add creatinine to the synthetic urine to make it seem like it came directly from the body. Sub Solution synthetic urine contains creatinine as a component since tests look for it because it is a by-product of muscle metabolism [2].
  • Uric acid: A normal uric acid level in urine is around 269-750 mg per 24 hours [3]. Sub Solution has factored this into their formula to ensure the synthetic urine passes the urine acid level similar to human urine. 
  • Urea: Urea constitutes about 95% percent of the nitrogen content of urine, so it is not typically necessary to include uric acid [4]. Sub Solution uses both to ensure your urine sample isn’t flagged as fake. 
  • Potassium: Normal human urine contains roughly 20 mEq/L of potassium [5]. Sub Solution synthetic urine adds this amount to their formula to ensure that no abnormality would raise question marks during chemical tests. 
  • Sodium: Complex urine testing would look into sodium level (20 mEq/L per 24 hours) in urine [6]. Chemists creating Sub Solution added this salt as an ingredient that will help you pass a complex test. 
  • Sulfates: Like normal pee, Sub Solution synthetic urine contains an appropriate amount of sulfates such that when tested, the fake urine sample can appear to be natural urine [7].  
  • Phosphates: Phosphates are also part of the inorganic components in Sub Solution. For instance, synthetic urine typically embodies 0.85 grams/liter of ammonium phosphate [8].  

Quick Fix

Here are the essential ingredients found in Quick Fix which make it look like real urine: 

  • Creatinine:  To make synthetic urine resemble human urine, minute amounts of creatinine are added to this artificial pee.
  • Albumin:  This protein causes urine to foam [9]. This protein is already present in the urine from high-quality Quick Fix synthetic urine. Just shake your urine sample before submitting it to make it foam.
  • Inorganic Salts: Sodium and Potassium Chloride are the common salts found in urine. Quick Fix fake urine contains some salts to make it look real. Normal human urine sodium values are typically 20 mEq/L in a urine sample and 40 to 220 mEq per day [10].

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User Reviews

A person doing a product review using a smartphone

Here’s what other users had to say about both products:

“I bought the sub solution 16 months ago and didn’t need it until last week. I was so worried it wouldn’t work because it sat for over a year, but I didn’t have time to get a new kit, so this one would have to do. This product is a literal godsend. I easily passed my pre-employment screening and got my dream job. If you’re worried about using this after holding onto it for a long time, it will work as long as you use it before the expiration date on the box. I’m so relieved and grateful for this stuff.
Baxter, Test Negative 

“I have been using a clear choice sub solution for at least 8 years, and it has never failed me!!! The expiration date still holds even when I’ve had a bottle for over a year. I am so impressed with this brand because they do such a service for the public. But sometimes you can’t even access their website because these people are working hard to jump through all these legal loopholes to ensure we can still be customers of this fabulous product! Hard to say thank you enough.
Carlos, Test Negative 

“I recently had to take a urine drug test for a pre-employment screening. I had doubts as I had never had to use synthetic urine before. First, this was one of the only “user-friendly” products. They give you a thermometer gauge on the bottle, a rubber band, and a heating pad to keep it at the perfect temperature. I just got the bottle and could sneak it into my bra. Anyways, I just got my offer letter for the job, which means I passed the drug screening. Also, they are fast to reply to any concerns about your order!
Torierosxe, Reddit

Which Synthetic Urine Should You Choose?

Although both products are reliable, I found Sub Solution to be a tiny bit more successful in mimicking human urine.

Based on the feedback from other users and my research, I found that Sub Solution’s premium urine formula containing urea, uric acid, creatinine, pH, and specific gravity balances was efficiently backed up with the effectiveness of the heat activator powder.

Most importantly, Sub Solution gained the most credit after passing multiple physical and chemical drug tests. Its formula resembles human urine in appearance, scent, foam, and complex ingredient list.   

Custom Rating Criteria

  • Quality: 5
  • Price: 4.6
  • Usability: 4.9
  • Effectiveness: 5


  • Comes in powder form to prevent separation
  • Contains uric acid and urea, which imitates real urine perfectly 
  • Effective in passing chemical and physical urine tests
  • Easy to use


  • Must be combined with water 
  • Takes more time to use 



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