Prevatox Rapid Total Detox Review

Prevatox Rapid Total Feedback

Most companies require their new employees to pass a drug test before starting their job. We think that there is no harm in using recreational drugs as everyone deserves a break from time to time. However, it should not hinder you from getting good career opportunities.

Detoxifying may help you pass the urine test, but you also need to be careful when picking a product. In this Prevatox Rapid Total Detox review, we’ll find out if it’s useful or if there’s something better.

What Is Prevatox Rapid Total Detox?

prevatoxPrevatox Rapid Total Detox is a detox drink created by Guardian Wholesale that claims to be 5x more potent than the regular detox.

Due to its high concentration, it can cleanse deeper while also working instantly.

Detox drinks are not limited to just passing your drug test; it could also be consumed by those who want to cleanse their systems.

Prevatox works better as cleansing for people who want to go into a diet or simply want to detoxify due to high levels of toxins in their body systems.

5 Product Highlights – Things To Consider

  1. Highly Concentrated Formula

    Based on our research, the formula for Prevatox is 5x more concentrated than the regular detoxification products manufactured by Guardian Wholesale. The implication is that Prevatox may pack more effectivity than its other counterparts from the same company.

  2. Great Grape Flavor

    As we have found from client feedbacks and from interviewing our team’s colleagues who have tried the product, Prevatox seems to fare well when it comes to taste. The grape flavor available in the market has been praised by many for its appealing taste.

  3. Claims to Be Fast-Acting

    Due to its high concentration, Prevatox Rapid Total Detox claims to have a fast-acting mechanism for detoxification. Accompanied by the right disciplines before consuming the product, you only have to wait for about 2 hours after ingestion before the drink does its supposed claims in your body.

  4. Composed of Beneficial Ingredients

    Similar to other leading detox drinks, Prevatox Rapid Total Detox comes from beneficial and natural ingredients. All of the ingredients listed have proven safe and may potentially help maintain proper body balance.

  5. Good for Diet Plans

    As mentioned previously, detox drinks are not just for cleansing yourself before taking a drug test; it can also work for various diet regimens. If you feel like you have to detoxify before starting a new diet plan, you may choose various options in the market, including Prevatox.

“Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well.” – Louisa May Alcott, American novelist

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Does It Have Drawbacks?

not fda approved
To get a better grasp of the product, we have also listed three shortfalls that may happen if you purchase Prevatox.

  • Inefficient for a drug test

    As mentioned previously, Prevatox has a reputation for being a detox for diets rather than for a drug test. Multiple bad reviews say that the product did little to nothing when used as a solution to getting a clean drug test result. Instead, good feedback from those who wanted to get into a diet plan and decided to try the product is present.

  • Unsafe for some

    There are warnings about detox drinks being unsafe for those who have medical conditions (e.g., pregnancy), and Prevatox is no exemption. You should thoroughly research whether you fit into the categories that might be at risk if you drink this product before deciding to purchase.

  • Not FDA approved

    Similar to other food supplements, Prevatox is also not FDA approved. There is thus a specific risk factor in consuming this product as it is not regulated and has not undergone the necessary trials recommended by the said institution.

Product Ingredients

To give you an idea of what substances you are ingesting when you purchase, we have also compiled a list of main ingredients in Prevatox. You may find more information about the nutritional facts of the product in its packaging.

  • L-Taurine
  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • D-Ribose
  • L-Lysine
  • Niacin

Should You Purchase Prevatox Rapid Total Detox?

Prevatox Rapid Total Detox allows you to either have fun with recreational drugs and still come clean in your drug test or detoxify before dieting. However, our research on the product has revealed that it might not be the best option when you want to be clean for a drug test.

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