Whizzinator FAQ – Instructions & How to Use it

Whizzinator FAQ - How To Use it

Q: What is a Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator is a 3.5-inch cosmetic male penis manufactured and used to stimulate male urination. It has a waist belt attached to it along with two straps and a reservoir bag. The waist has a maximum of 52 inches in size, but an extension can be requested while ordering. The Whizzinator is a unisex toy and has multiple benefits for the user.

Q: Does It Even Work?

Well the Whizzinator used to have a good reputation but over the recent years, the quality of the product has dropped. Leaking issues have become a major issue for it. Many users have reported while on the way to work, that it has leaked. This type of case can instantly make you fail the test. For this reason alone, we can't recommend this product. We have found other products like the trusted Monkey Dong to be more reliable and safer.

For this reason alone, we recommend the Monkey Dong.

Q: What is the Purpose of this Device?

The Whizzinator is mainly designed to be a strap on penis which can be used as a sex toy for stimulation and sex acts between partners. It is an adult sex toy which can be used as a wet sex simulator. The product is specially made for people that enjoy sex simulation but are worried about the bacteria or unhygienic nature of the actual penis or its urine.

Also, a lot of individuals use the Whizzinator as a fake penis to pass urine drug tests. The Whizzinator is a sterile and hygienic product that does the work for such people. The user does not have to worry about any viruses or contamination while using the Whizzinator. Kindly note it should not be utilized for any illegal purposes.

Q: What Colors Is It Available in?

The product is designed in various colors to match your skin tone. The colors include black (African), white (Caucasian) and brown (Latin). The colors shown in the picture are almost the same as in real life, but if you find a slight difference, then it could be because of the lighting. Kindly note that it is tough to match the color of your skin tone exactly. If you're looking for more colors, then the Monkey Dong (our recommnedation) has a wider variety of colors.

  • White
  • Tan
  • Latino
  • Brown
  • Black

Q: What comes in the Kit?

cheating using this deviceThe kit includes one Whizzinator, one synthetic urine capsule, heat pads, one syringe and an instruction manual. Please read the instruction manual always before using the product.

Q: What is Artificial Urine and what are its Uses?

The synthetic urine is an artificial liquid prepared in a computer lab and its similar to real human urine. Please be mindful that the synthetic urine cannot be used alone and needs to mix with water before usage. We recommend distilled water for better results.

The lifeline of the synthetic urine alone is up to one year, but once it is mixed with water, then it has to be used within 24 hours. When using Synthetic urine to pass a drug test, you need to follow the exact instructions, or there is a chance you might fail and face serious consequences.

Q: How Much Artificial Urine can the Reservoir Bag Hold?

The bag can hold up to 150 ml of liquid, but to protect the bag from leakage or breakage, we recommend only filling it up to 130 ml.

Q: How to Cleanse the Reservoir Bag After Usage?

We strongly recommend that you should never use any detergent or cleaning product to clean the bag. The reason being, that no matter how well the bag is rinsed after detergent or cleaning product is used, the traces of its chemicals remain behind. Therefore, it is highly advised only to rinse the bag with tap water after usage.



Q: How to Control the Flow of the Fake Pee?

The device has a white on and off valve which it used to allow the flow of the urine. Once the valve is turned on, then you will need to pinch the cosmetic penis's head and squeeze it to control its flow. Once the pinching is stopped, the flow of the urine will stop as well. Afterward, simply turn the valve off to protect any leakage from the bag during your movement.

Q: How to Use The Whizzinator?

The process of using the device is simple, and if you stick to the step by step guide, it should work if you didn't end up with a faulty product.

Step 1

Firstly, you would need to take all the four items, the Whizzinator, dehydrated synthetic urine capsule, heat pads, and the syringe out of the kit. Open all the straps of the Whizzinator and detach the reservoir bag, which is attached behind to the cosmetic penis. Separately, use the syringe to pour 60ml-90ml of room temperature water in a separate plastic cup.

Step 2

how to use it with liquid inside

The dehydrated synthetic urine capsule which comes in a protected plastic bag needs to be taken out of the bag before using. Then mix the dehydrated synthetic urine with the water which is poured into the cup. Swirl it for a second or two to fully mix the urine with the water. Kindly make sure that the water is not too warm otherwise the temperature strip on the reservoir bag would shoot to 100+ degrees. Ideally, the sample (water mixed with urine) needs to be kept between 90 and 100 degrees at most.

Step 3

Then comes the filling of the Whizzinator process.

The reservoir bag of the Whizzinator would have a screw tap located at the bottom of the bag. You would need to use the syringe to fill the sample which was made in the cup. As mentioned before only fill to a maximum of 130ml to avoid any leakage or breakage of the reservoir bag.

Step 4

Once the done with the filling, you can then use the heat pad to keep the sample warm and to give it an actual urine's temperature. The heat pad has a sticky side that has to be attached to the back of the reservoir bag of the Whizzinator. The heat pad can heat the sample up to 8 hours. Now the Whizzinator is all set to be used.

If you're looking for more info on the Whizzinator, we have written a full review. That said, there are indeed some MAJOR FLAWS with it.  This is why we highly recommend the Monkey Dong instead.

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