Urine Luck vs. Quick Fix (5 Differences That You Must Know)

Comparison image of Urine Luck and Quick Fix synthetic urine

After testing a dozen plus synthetic urine kits available for a drug test, I finally discovered Urine Luck and Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs. They’ve been on the market for years and boast a full money-back satisfaction guarantee on their website. But I wanted to compare them, so I tested them myself. 

After weeks of testing, I finally compiled this review. Read on to see which kit is the most successful at boosting your chances of passing a drug test.

5 Key Differences Between Urine Luck And Quick Fix

Comparing Urine Luck and Quick Fix

The main difference between Urine Luck and Quick Fix lies in the formula. These synthetic urine solutions have completely different formulas. 

Quick Fix is fake pee with traces of urea, balanced PH, zero toxins, and other characteristics of real human urine.

On the other hand, Urine Luck changes the molecular structure of your urine, which modifies every chemical element of the substance.

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Comparing Their Features Head-to-Head

I thoroughly examined and compared five important features between the two solutions. 

1. Ingredients

Filling a test tube with urineFirst, these two synthetic urine kits contain completely different ingredients. After carefully reviewing both products, I realized that the manufacturer hadn’t gathered the ingredients in both products into a complete list. 

Quick Fix fake urine contains all the main components usually tested for in a drug test. It possesses the urea, uric acid, specific gravity, and pH levels found in human urine and correct creatinine levels. Likewise, it has the same viscosity as actual urine.

All of these components and substances influence the product’s effectiveness. It also contains minute quantities of inorganic and organic salts, which makes it the ideal mimic for the natural thing during a drug test.

Conversely, Urine Luck has active ingredients which help convert alcohol into carbonyls. As a result, this blocks the analysis of opiates, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other organic substances in the laboratory that will turn your drug test positive.

Additionally, Urine Luck is free from the detectable substances pyridine, glutaraldehyde, nitrates, acids, and nitrates [1]. 

2. Effectiveness 

A woman holding a jar of urine and showing a thumbs upTo see the effectiveness of both products, I thoroughly researched the function of each synthetic urine solution. 

I found out that Quick Fix mimics natural urine. Your urine test sample will be detected as fake urine without urea and uric acid. Quick Fix takes care of that since it’s guaranteed to pass a drug test that looks for urea in the sample. Spectrum Labs claims that Quick Fix boasts a 99%+ passing drug test.

But with the Urine Luck Synthetic urine kit, I didn’t have to replace my urine for a drug test. All I had to do was add the solution to my urine and take it for a test. Alcohol, cigarettes, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are just a few of the many pollutants that Urine Luck is effective enough to combat. 

Another great feature of Urine Luck is that it will pass any tests for cannabis specimens (GC-MS drug testing) since the solution provides the quickest negative results, even if the cannabis particle is only partially altered.

I also discovered that Urine Luck is only effective within the first hour, and its success rate decreases significantly. I recommend using it with a fresh urine sample before submitting it for testing. 

Spectrum Labs claim that Urine Luck boasts a success rate of 90% or more when instructions on the kit are followed. Although 90% is a good start, there is still much room for error compared to the 99% Quick Fix guarantees. Using Quick Fix reduces the risk as much as possible to pass a drug test.

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3. Solution Form

A synthetic urine in a liquid formBoth products come in liquid form, with the main difference being that Urine Luck comes in two vials that should not be reheated as that would decrease its effectiveness.

Urine Luck also mixes seamlessly with your sample, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll dilute it. But you must add Urine Luck to 3 ounces of real human urine; otherwise, it might be ineffective. 

Quick Fix is a premixed synthetic urine in 2-3 ounces bottles which is great since it would take only 15 seconds until it’s ready to use for your drug tests. That being said, Quick Fix comes in handy for emergency tests; otherwise, if you lean into Urine Luck, you’ll get busted since you’ll have to go somewhere to mix it. 

4. Smell and Appearance 

Both products look like human urine, which is great because it won’t be detected as fake urine. Compared to Urine Luck, Quick Fix synthetic urine solution has an unnoticeable urine smell from traces of ammonia in urea. Urine Luck mixed perfectly with the urine, so it’s difficult to detect it too. 

Overall, these solutions look and smell like human urine, which eliminates any room for suspicion. 

5. Price

A woman counting money on her handsBoth products range from $30-$35, depending on where you buy them. However, Quick Fix Plus can go up to $40.

You can also receive discounts if you purchase Quick Fix bulk packages to save more and if your supervisor asks for more urine. Unfortunately, Urine Luck doesn’t have any bulk discounts. 

Additionally, both products are only guaranteed to pass a drug test if you obtain a fresh, high-quality sample, so don’t risk acquiring a degraded sample by trying to cut costs before your drug test.

I recommend purchasing fake urine from official manufacturers’ stores online so it may be transported discretely to your location before your drug test.

I received my Quick Fix and Urine Luck shipment from the manufacturer to my address in an anonymous box without a label indicating what was inside. 

Stand-Out Features

A top view of a doctor examining urine samples

To better understand which synthetic urine sample is better, we had a closer look at the essential ingredients. 

Urine Luck

Below are the elements that stood out in Urine Luck:

  • Pyridinium Chlorochromate: Pyridinium Chlorochromate(PCC) oxidizes alcohols to aldehydes and ketones that won’t be otherwise detected in your urine [2].  
  • Hydrolyzing acids: These acids alter the composition of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the oxidation of alcohols in the urine [3]. 
  • Sodium Persulfate: Sodium Persulfate works together with Pyridinium Chlorochromate to convert alcohols in urine samples into carbonyl molecules [4]. 

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Quick Fix

Here are the essential ingredients found in Quick Fix which make it look like real urine: 

  • Creatinine: Creatinine, a metabolic by-product of muscle metabolism, typically appears in urine in rather steady amounts when you drink “normal” amounts of liquids for a day [5]. Urine creatinine typically ranges from 60 mg/dL to 300 mg/dL [6]. Hence, Quick Fix synthetic urine solutions have this amount in their products, which makes test results reliable and consistent. 
  • Urea: The average person excretes 30 grams of urea daily in liquid or solid form [7]. The current Quick Fix solution is made from ammonia and carbon dioxide by dehydrating ammonium carbamate under high heat and pressure [8]. 
  • Albumin: The protein albumin is what causes urine to foam [9]. Albumin is already present in the urine from high-quality Quick Fix synthetic urine. Just shake your fake urine sample before submitting it to make it foam.
  • Inorganic Salts: Sodium and Potassium Chloride are the common salts found in urine. Quick Fix contains a little bit of salt to make it look real. Normal urine sodium values are 20 mEq/L in a random urine sample and 40 to 220 mEq daily [10].

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Users’ Reviews

A user doing a review of synthetic urine

Here’s what other users had to say about both products. 

“I am amazed at Urine Luck’s customer service. The product worked 100% for me, as stated on the bottle. I was extremely anxious as I had a very important job interview, but after the reassurance from customer service, I was calmer and stress-free before my test. I highly recommend it !!!! Thank you so much, Urine Luck; you helped me get my new job.”
Monica Witt, Trust Pilot 

“The synthetic urine passed the test, and the spectrum labs hand warmer worked well. I’ve had some that don’t heat up at all. However, the 30z bottle wasn’t quite enough to hit the required fill line on the test beaker; luckily, the guy doing the testing was fussy and let me off, but I would suggest a 4oz bottle. It’s the second time I’ve had to use one, but it’s worked both times, so I’m more than happy.”
Dan Bow, Trust Pilot

“I wasn’t sure Quick Fix would all be legit, but it worked! Having taken a 2-week break from smoking, the home test showed up as a fail 2 days before the test got the drink altho was a risk passed with flying colors!!”
Ellie Reid, Trust Pilot

“I used Quick Fix in the past and passed a test easily; the stress-free system would recommend it to anyone! Repurchased it recently for peace of mind, as I’ve heard of random tests coming up soon. Excellent customer service as always, this company is thoroughly great!”
Adam Steele, Trust Pilot

Which Synthetic Urine Should You Choose?

A doctor holding two different synthetic urines to choose from

Although there are benefits and drawbacks to the two synthetic urine solutions mentioned in this article, it’s important to note that these are not your only options. In the vast world of synthetic urine solutions, there’s a third contender that deserves your attention – the Clear Choice Sub Solution review.

Clear Choice gained the most points after helping me pass multiple critical drug tests. It has an impressive success rate, reliable composition, and user-friendly features that make it stand out from other options.

As with any choice, it’s crucial to do your research and make the best decision based on your specific needs.

Custom Rating Criteria

  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Quality: 5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Usability: 5/5


  • Comes in powder form to prevent separation
  • Contains Uric acid, which imitates real urine perfectly 
  • Effective in passing a urine test
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • Must be combined with water 


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