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Is It a Good Product?

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This Piss Perfect review was last updated in May 2024.

These days, a lot of employers are taking it upon themselves to put your urine under a microscope in a subtle attempt to find some excuse to let you go.

They say it’s for ‘safety’ reasons when in fact, it’s just a nice and legal way for them to terminate veteran workers that is also cost-effective.

However, regardless of the legal economic factors that’s driving drug tests, you need to deal with it.

That’s where the Piss Perfect urine delivery system comes in.

Piss Perfect is designed to help you keep your job through helping you navigate the urine testing minefield without the need to detox.

But does it work?

What is Piss Perfect?

Three Piss Perfect Products

With so many high-quality synthetic urines on the market, companies have doubled their efforts to detect when their employees are not being straight with them.

It’s gotten to the point where they’d have someone in the room with you while you pee is becoming a common occurrence.

In order to deal with such intrusive behavior, enterprising companies and individuals have developed an array of urine delivery systems intended to stand up to the quick (or not so quick) glance from the bathroom intruder.

Piss Perfect from 513 Ventures is one of those urine delivery systems.

Piss Perfect is also designed to compete with established products like Monkey Dong and Whizzinator.

During your private moment, you just give the device’s switch a quick flip, and you’re ready to start the flow.

When you’ve delivered all your fake urine you simply shake, return the prosthetic penis to your pants, and quickly zip up before you’re seen.

The makers have tried hard to create a realistic-looking prosthetic, and the other components of the system also seem to be well made. What’s unclear is whether it’s really necessary.

What Do You Get With Piss Perfect?

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As mentioned, Piss Perfect is not synthetic urine but it’s a synthetic urine delivery device. The fake urine you decide to use with it will be up to you.

Fake pee products like Clean Pee are usually recommended.

That said, the Piss Perfect urine belt kit provides you with a “lifelike” prosthetic in your preferred skin tone.

You also get sticky hand warmers, detailed instructions, and a high volume syringe that allows you to transfer your fake urine from whatever vessel you mixed it in to the storage pouch.

Moreover, the storage pouch itself is fashioned from high-quality plastic which can hold enough fake urine for a couple of good size samples.

However, the downside of this product is that there is no temperature indicator.

The makers have also revealed that you only need one hand to use the realistic prosthetic, so it won’t attract any unwanted attention.

And that’s great. But is it really the case?

Well, considering how bulky this urine delivery system is, we wonder if you would be better off just forgoing it altogether.

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Does Piss Perfect Work?

confused man

We applaud 513 for their ambition and attempt to help those in need of a reliable synthetic urine delivery device.

But, it’s hard to say Piss Perfect is the solution.

This urine belt has been on the market for about 6 months but as of date, there really isn’t much buzz surrounding it.

Mostly, what quick feedback has materialized suggests the Piss Perfect urine delivery system may wind up attracting more attention than you’d get if you just used something simpler.

Some have mentioned that wearing the prosthetic penis may be too realistic that it makes you look like you’re walking around with an erection.

And that can’t be good because you want those nearby mind their own business instead of staring at your crotch area.

While our group didn’t take it into any real-world drug test situations, they nonetheless agreed that they probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable with it.

It is simply because the device was difficult to conceal. And the last thing you want is to send up any red flags in such situations.

Most felt it would be better to leave Piss Perfect at home and just use something better.

How Much Does It Cost?

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While the logistics of the Piss Perfect urine system are far from ideal, that alone is probably not enough to discourage some folks.

And that’s fine because we’re not here to tell you what to do, but instead we’re here to share our experience and thoughts.

What might also tip you quick into the Piss Perfect urine system “I’ll pass” camp, however, is the price.

Piss Perfect retails for nearly $120. That’s without shipping or providing you with the fake or fetish urine.

That’s a lot of money for a urine-free device that makes you look like you’ve been watching porn on your smartphone in the waiting room.

Where Can I Buy Piss Perfect?

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If you would still give the Piss Perfect urine delivery system a try, you can purchase it directly from www.pissperfect.com.

If it were up to us, we’d stick to what works and use our hard-earned money on something with a reliable track record like Quick Fix.

Call us risk-averse, or cheap, or anything you want. But we would always go back to helpful commodities like that until something better comes along.

And as for our money, Piss Perfect is not better — just bulkier with an expensive shipping.


So, can we recommend Piss Perfect Urine Delivery?

Piss Perfect is a well-made product, but it also has some conceptual flaws with a very high asking price.

If we had an upcoming urine test, we wouldn’t bother with it. It just presents too high a risk of detection.

Instead, we’d stick with Quick Fix.

It may not have the big fancy strap-on urine delivery system. However, what makes it a better option is that it is more convenient and dependable. And we would certainly raise our drinks to that.

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