What’s the Best Hair Follicle Detox Home Remedy? 4 Treatments You Should Try

Detox remedies for your hair you can find at home

I pay a lot of attention to my hair. I like it to be stylish, so I use gels and other styling products. I also often use a hairdryer. Recently I noticed that it became very damaged and dry. Weather, stress, and all these things I use to make it look pretty are making it even worse.

I’ve decided to try some free recipes from the simple things that most of us have at home. Check below some detox home remedies that can help you have that healthy and bouncy locks again.

What is Hair Detox?

Hair detoxification is a method to remove toxin build-up from using too much shampoo and styling products. Ingredients that you already have at home can help clean your scalp and make your hair look beautiful, healthy, shiny, and strong.

4 Hair Detox Home Remedies

Here are some recipes that you can prepare at home to remove dead skin cells and detox your scalp and hair.

1. Home Treatment for Scalp DetoxScalp and baking soda

Treat your scalp with deep cleansing at least once a month by using baking soda.

Mix half a cup of baking soda with 3 cups of warm water and stir until the soda dissolves in the water. Pour the mixture on your scalp, massage it, leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

After cleaning, you need to nourish your scalp with homemade oil-based masks deeply. Use these ingredients for a detox mask: 1 egg, two tablespoons of olive oil, avocado, few drops of sunflower oil, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and put them in a blender.

Blend to mix the ingredients, then apply this product mixture on damp hair. Rub into the scalp and the ends of the hair, rinse it and wash it with shampoo.

2. Detox your Hair with Warm Oilsoil in a cup

If you want to detox your scalp and recover your hair follicles from the harmful effects of smog, tobacco smoke, dust, and other pollution, prepare a warm oil treatment.

In a glass bowl, mix half a cup of one of the natural oils (coconut, for example) with a spoonful of balm you are using. Heat the water in the pan, then when it boils, put the glass bowl in the water and let it stand for a few minutes until the ingredients melt and combine.

Apply a mixture on your scalp, then twist it into a bun and put a shower cap over it. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash your scalp with shampoo.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar and hair

Vinegar has long been used to improve the scalp and hair’s overall appearance, making them silky and shiny. It contains enzymes, proteins, and probiotics that give your hair strength and stimulate hair growth.

Vinegar restores shine to the hair by removing the remnants of other products and stimulates its growth. Depending on your hair type, you can use it up to three times a week. As it may cause minimal drying, apply conditioner before using vinegar. To get a suitable mixture to detox your hair and scalp, mix 230 ml of vinegar with 460 ml of warm water. If you want, you can honey and rinse your hair well with this mix.

To clean the scalp, improve its health, and get rid of dandruff, after every use of shampoo, rinse the hair with a mix of 120 ml of vinegar and 460 ml of warm water.

4. Use Bentonite ClayBentonite clay in a bowl

Scalp detox will remove all the harmful substances accumulated in the hair, making it dry and cracked. Bentonite clay mask helps restore shine and brings back healthy volume to your hair.

For this treatment, you will need to use:

  • One cup of herbal tea
  • ½ cups of apple cider vinegar
  • ¾ cups of bentonite clay
  • Ten drops of essential oil of your choice

Put the cool tea and vinegar in a blender and slowly add clay until you get a smooth mixture of approximately the yoghurt density. Finally, add the essential oils, stir briefly and store in a plastic bottle. Apply this blend on damp hair, starting from the roots of the hair towards the ends. Leave this blend on for 5-20 minutes, then rinse well with warm water.

“A lady’s hair is her crowning glory.” – Jeannette Walls, journalist.

5 Tips for Healthy Hair & ScalpWoman with long shiny hair

1. Do not Wash your Hair With Shampoo Every Day.

Daily washing of hair and scalp with shampoo is unnecessary, even if it is oily. If you often use hair care products, powerful shampoo destroys the scalp’s natural sebum, making the hair brittle and thin and the scalp flaky and dry. [1]

2. Hair Massage

Hairdressers say that when washing hair at home, ladies do not perform a head massage, and because of that, the hair will never look as good as after washing in a hair salon. The scalp massage with aloe vera gel, for example, stimulates circulation and gives the hair a healthier and more beautiful look.

3. Cut the ends

Buildups may damage your hair ends and make them look unhealthy. Visit a hairdresser or cut them on your own regularly. Regenerate them with silicone drops after each wash.

4. “Cool” Natural Hair

Excessive heat, which is achieved by drying and ironing the hair, is unacceptable in the detox program. Say goodbye to hairdryers and choose a natural look, and allow your hair to regenerate completely.

5. “Feed” Scalp and Hair

Unlike an organism that needs a diet for detoxification, hair needs a lot of “food.” To prevent buildup, once a week, use a nourishing mask and put it on your hair. Try to eat as much healthy food as possible during the recovery period, like cucumber, lemon, or honey, because everything you take into the body affects its appearance.

Will Hair Detoxification Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Hair detoxification’s ability to assist in passing a drug test remains uncertain due to varying results influenced by factors like metabolism and THC metabolite levels. A hair follicle test is considered to be the most difficult drug test to pass. While there are hair products targeted for detoxification, we’ve seen different inconclusive results based on research. It may be attributed to a person’s metabolism and the amount of THC metabolites in the body. If you’re aiming to pass a drug test feel free to check out our guide on passing a hair follicle drug testing. However,  we recommend abstaining from drugs as a surefire solution.

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Free detoxification treatment will detox the scalp, stop hair fall, reduce dandruff and help your hair to look clean and healthy again. Your hair will be recovered along its entire length, restoring its vitality and energy, and giving it a clean, healthy shine.

The scalp is often a neglected zone, but it is the main point where the hair originates health and vitality. It collects buildup from a strong styling product or shampoo, which you need to avoid as, according to research,  they can affect hair condition.

There are also environmental conditions for which research has shown that can affect the quality of your hair, including hair loss or damage. This may lead to hair follicles’ suffocation, and the result is lifeless, brittle, and dull hair.

Don’t use one product but find a solution that will work for you. Take your time – experiment with cucumber, honey, lemon juice, and aloe vera gel.


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