How Long is Ketamine Detectable in Urine?

Ketamine addict for test

Ketamine, commonly known by the brand name Ketalar and by the street names "K-hole," "K-land," "Baby food," and "God," is a powerful anesthetic first developed in 1963. It was designed to be a replacement for the widely used (at the time) PCP. For the most part, ketamine is used in veterinary medicine which is why you'll sometimes hear people refer to it as a "horse tranquilizer." In humans, this substance is sometimes used to treat chronic pain or to sedate people being held in intensive care units of hospitals with life-threatening injuries. Ketamine is quick to take effect (typically less than 5 minutes) and exerts a powerful hold on the person, although only for a short period, perhaps half an hour per dose.

Ketamine: More Facts About the Substance

Ketamine was first tested on humans in 1964 in the lead up to its final approval by the FDA in 1970. It wasn’t long after its approval that the drug began showing up in operating theaters in Vietnam. There it was used primarily as an anesthetic and was much appreciated for its combination of effectiveness and safety.

In time, the substance would even earn a place on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of Essential Medicines.

hand writing textBut while the WHO may be enamored of ketamine, the fact is it's extremely addictive. Given the relative scarcity of the drug, there are a surprising number of K-hole addicts and recreational users out there today. Most of the substance that makes its way street-side has to be lifted from Veterinary labs which is the main reason it's so scarce. Efforts have been made to address the shortage by creating synthetic versions but the most successful of these, called Methoxetamine, is known for sending people down the K-hole for hours at a time and is not considered safe by any measure. Effects of genuine ketamine include:

  • man aching headDizziness
  • Delirium
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Visual impairment
  • Nightmares
  • A catatonic state
  • Hallucinations
  • Motor impairment
  • Hypertension
  • Delusions
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Do Companies Test For Ketamine?

Until now, it hasn't been the kind of drug that employers commonly test for, although as awareness of ketamine as a club drug grows, so does the number of companies testing for it. Exactly who will be testing for it and who won't is virtually impossible to tell, so you're better off assuming they will just to be safe.

Also, there is a kind of urban myth out there that ketamine can produce a false positive for PCP on drug tests. It can't. The two drugs are easily differentiated chemically.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay in your System?

timeKetamine has an extremely short half-life by drug standards - typically 2 ½ to 4 hours. This means it is usually eliminated from your system in around 16 ½ hours. However, this number is not etched in stone and the actual elimination time may extend to as many as a few days, depending on things like age, metabolic rate, weight, and other factors.

Does the Short Half-Life of Ketamine Mean I Don’t Have to Worry?

If a person used ketamine recreationally on, say Saturday night and then the next Friday they were chosen for a random drug test it’s very likely the drug would not show up even if the test were looking for it specifically. However, the more you close the gap between the time of ketamine use and the time of the drug test the more likely it is to return a positive result IF the test is looking for it.

What Can I do to Protect Myself?

syringe on handIf you have been taking ketamine as part of a pain management protocol designed by your doctor, the best thing would be to simply inform your employer. This way there would be no issues if a urinalysis came back with a positive result. If however, you have reason not to inform your employer about your ketamine use, your best option for passing any drug test may well be synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine was invented some years ago because the scientists and engineers who were making drug testing machines needed a ready, generous supply of urine they could use to test the accuracy of those machines. It wasn’t long after the recipe for fake pee was perfected that some enterprising laboratories realized that they could create their own fake pee and market it to people facing random urinalyses - and thus an industry was born.

That’s Great but Does it Work?

For the most part, the success rate for fake pee like Quick Fix (which we've also reviewed here) is excellent; more than 99% according to surveys that questioned people who claimed to use it. However, you'll want to keep the following tips in mind before purchasing synthetic urine and trying to use it to pass a urinalysis.

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  • Don't buy fake pee from a head shop. Most of the time these shops sell the cheapest, least reliable synthetic urine on the market. Often it's well past its expiration date and it contains urea rather than uric acid (more on that in a moment).
  • You need uric acid and urea. Several years ago testing machines were refined to look for uric acid, (which is to be expected in a genuine human urine sample), rather than urea, (which is what was in most fake urine at the time). In relatively short order the better synthetic pee manufacturers made the switch too, but some labs stuck with the cheaper urea. Make sure any synthetic urine you’re using for your drug test contains uric acid.
  • Make sure your fake pee sample is the right temperature. Human pee is expected to be between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius or 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Your fake pee kit will usually come with a temperature strip for monitoring and a method for heating the sample quickly and efficiently. If you need to use the heating element, make sure you do.

What Should I Do If I Have Taken Ketamine?

If you feel you might be susceptible to failing a drug test because you recently took ketamine for whatever reason, high-quality synthetic urine may well be the answer you've been looking for. Just follow the above tips to ensure you come out of the urine test smelling like roses.

And, if you are looking for a high quality product that works every single time, then you're quite lucky because Quick Fix is that product. With over 99% passing rate, you're sure to get out of that drug test happy and care-free. You can click here to find the best prices or just click down below.

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