AllSource 14 Panel Home Drug Test (2023 Review) Is It Good?

Your best guide to AllSource 14 Panel

Choosing the right home drug test can be overwhelming as the market is flooded with different drug test brands. 

I’ve been using and trying drug tests for a decade. I’ve recently heard many good things about the AllSource 14 panel test, so I decided to give it a try.

Here’s everything you should know about this test so you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

What is the AllSource 14 Panel?

AllSource 14 Panel Product

AllSource 14 Panel is a drug test that can be done at home, and it checks for the presence of 14 drugs.

It’s developed by AllSource. Since they were established in 2009, the company has offered a range of services, but now they mainly focus on offering home drug test kits to customers and companies worldwide.

AllSource 14 Panel Benefits

While using AllSource, I found it to have several benefits.

1.) Tests for 14 Drugs

capsules and powderThe company claims this drug test checks for the presence of 14 drugs: 

  • (THC) Marijuana
  • (AMP) Amphetamine
  • (BAR) Barbiturates
  • (BUP) Buprenorphine
  • (BZO) Benzodiazepines
  • (COC) Cocaine
  • (MDMA) Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
  • (MET) Methamphetamine
  • (MTD) Methadone
  • (MOR) Morphine
  • (OXY) Oxycodone
  • (PCP) Phencyclidine
  • (TRI) Tricyclics
  • (EDDP)

I found this to be true. The test can detect all of these drugs in urine, which is impressive as not many other tests can check for the presence of 14 drugs.

2.) Simple Instructions

The packaging says the test is simple to use and that customers should follow a three-step process.

This was in line with my experience. The instructions say:

  • Collect the sample
  • Attach and click the lid
  • Wait for five minutes and interpret the results

3.) Easy to Interpret Instructions

test sampleAnother thing I liked about the AllSource 14 panel is how easy it is to interpret the results.

Most other home drug tests have detailed instructions, and the lines are often faint and difficult to see.

That’s not the case with AllSource. The test has bright red lines, and they are easy to spot.

I also didn’t have any issues with interpreting the results.

According to the instructions:

  • Negative — Two lines appear, one next to C and another next to T.
  • Positive — One line appears in the area of C.
  • Invalid — No lines.


  • Tests for 14 drugs
  • Can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated
  • FDA-approved
  • Packaging contains a leak-proof lid

My rating of the AllSource 14 Panel Test:

  • Ease of use 5/5
  • Price 4/5
  • Results 4.5/5

Shortfalls of This Home Drug Test

The AllSource 14 Panel drug test also has some shortcomings.

container filled with urine1.) Test Accuracy

The main issue I found with the test is its accuracy. 

I used the test three times, and to check its validity, I also did lab tests. Two out of three times, AllSource and lab tests matched.

However, one AllSource test came back positive, and the lab test was negative.

So, I wouldn’t say the test accuracy is 99%, as the company claims.

Overall, I believe AllSource will show the true state most of the time. However, if you need a foolproof test, this may not be the choice for you.


  • Expensive
  • Not always accurate

Comparison to Other Home Drug Tests

notes with dollar signCompared to other best-selling home drug tests, AllSource is on the expensive side.

It costs $40, while most other tests, such as PreScreen Plus Mini, Easy@Home, and Care Check, are around $25.

Out of all of them, AllSource checks for the presence of the highest number of drugs — 14.

PreScreen Plus Mini and Easy@Home check for 12, while Care Check only checks for one — marijuana.

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Where to Buy AllSource 14 Panel?

You can buy AllSource 14 Panel on the official website. It’s priced at $40. 

The company offers worldwide shipping, and there’s a 30-day return policy, as long as the product hasn’t been opened.

Other Users’ Reviews

man using a tablet

Alma L. from Kentucky

Alma said she was satisfied with the test. She wanted to check if there was THC still present in her body, and she tested positive, while other tests she used were negative.

Mike P. from Washington

Mike wasn’t happy with the test. The cup in his package had a slice in the seam, and it made a mess all over the floor.

He contacted the company and asked for a refund, but he was refused.


How accurate is the AllSource drug test?

AllSource drug test is not very accurate. According to the FDA, no drug test of this type is 100% accurate, as certain factors can influence the test results [1]. AllSource claims its product is 99% accurate [2]. 

Should You Try AllSource 14 Panel?

AllSource 14 Panel can be a good choice, and it’s certainly impressive that it can test for the presence of 14 drugs.

However, my personal favorite is the PreScreen Plus Mini.

It offers more accurate results, and it comes at an affordable price.

Moreover, it tests for 12 drugs, which is enough for most users.

Check it out, and get your test today.

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