Which Synthetic Urines Have Uric Acid?
4 Top Brands

Your guide to synthetic urine containing uric acidSynthetic urine is a substance that imitates the chemical composition of human urine.

It’s used in laboratories and on-site drug testing to calibrate equipment and identify substances, which can’t be detected by other means.

So it’s also known as synthetic urine or artificial pee. There are many different brands of synthetic urine, but not all contain uric acid.

In this article we will share 4 best brands of fake pee with uric acid for you to choose from when you need to pass a drug test!

What is Synthetic Urine?bottle filled with synthetic urine

Despite being legal in many state, consuming weed still can cost you a job opportunity.

Synthetic urine is a fake pee that can be used to trick drug test.

It consists of an artificial mixture of ingredients which closely resemble the composition and properties of human urea.

There are different types of synthetic urine. They can come in premixed kit or powdered.

Most people choose already premixed because it saves some time.

Premixed synthetic urine contains uric acid, which makes it the best choice for people who want to pass drug test.

What Is Uric Acid in Synthetic Urine?

One of the chemical component in synthetic urine is uric acid. It is considered to be one of the most important ingredients because it’s the one who make fake pee more like a real one.

Some of the brands don’t use uric acid, so you should be careful when buying synthetic urine as they can be easily detectable.

4 Best Synthetic Urine With Uric Acid
different products of synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is a safe alternative to the real thing. It also lets you get away with drug testing and it can save your job too if needed.

But which synthetic urine should you go for? There are many brands of fake pee, but we have found four that offer excellent quality at an affordable price:

  1. Sub Solution Synthetic urine
  2. Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine
  3. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit
  4. Clear Choice Incognito belt

The best thing about these products is that they come with uric acid which makes the urine more realistic.

We recommend going for synthetic pee brands with uric acid because it will help you pass a drug test and fool your tester into thinking it’s real.

Tips on How to Hide Synthetic Urine

Here are some tips on how to hide synthetic urine:

  • Don’t put the fake pee in a closed container and hide it. It will leak or evaporate quickly so you’ve got to be ready when they call your name for the test. Trust me, I know from personal experience!
  • If you’re lucky enough that they actually give you some time before taking the drug test, then you can prepare better. You should consider putting a fake pee in a watertight container and keep it cool.
  • Tape your fake urine to the inside of your leg or tuck it into an inner thigh pocket, if you’re wearing tight pants. If they can’t see that there’s no way they will know it’s not real urine!
  • Leg strap can be found in the most well-known fau pee brands, but they are not always available.
  • Some fake urine bottles have a leg strap, which is convenient for some people because they can attach it to their thigh without worrying about carrying the bottle. If you don’t know how to make one yourself, then don’t worry – many companies offer these things.

Some Other Methods for Passing a Drug Test
two glasses of beetroot juice, and a beetroot fruit

Some people consume large quantities of fluids before the test to dilute their urine.

You can also drink high volumes of beetroot juice because it’s naturally rich in nitrates, which affect the color and chemical composition of your pee for up to 12 hours after drinking it.

Cranberry juice is very popular when it comes to detoxing your body.

It can help you urinate more frequently so you can flush all the bad things from your body.

Detoxing your body before a drug test is not always an option.

If you’re required to take one, then it’s best that you know exactly what they are testing for and how synthetic urine can help with passing the drug test.


So, which brand of synthetic urine is the best to use when you need to pass a drug test? Well, that depends on your needs and preferences.

If you want something without uric acid but still effective in mimicking real pee then Quick Fix 6.2 has been rated #1 for years because it’s easy to find at stores like Walmart or CVS and its ingredients are undetectable by lab testing equipment.

For those who would rather have uric acid included in their fake urine so they can be sure of passing all tests with flying colors then Sub Solution synthetic urine might be more suitable as it comes highly recommended from users everywhere!

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