UrineLuck Batch Validator (5 Tips to Avoid Buying Fake)

A person having Quick Fix products checked using a batch validator

A UrineLuck batch validator is one resource that Spectrum Labs has used to ensure that their Quick Fix products meet quality standards and block knockoffs. 

We’ve conducted thorough research on their official website, tested the validator ourselves, and compiled this informative article to give you a comprehensive understanding of how the UrineLuck batch validator functions. 

Quick Summary

  • All Quick Fix products have a batch code on the bottle.
  • A batch validator verifies if the Quick Fix product is valid. 
  • To avoid buying counterfeit, buy Quick Fix synthetic urine from Spectrum Labs. 

What is a Batch Number on Quick Fix Products?

A Quick Fix product from Spectrum LabsA batch number on Quick Fix products is an identification that tells you its manufacturing and expiration date. All batch numbers are located on the top left-hand corner of the instruction sheet found in your product. 

A batch number is there to help you figure out the shelf life of the product but also its authenticity. It ensures that each bottle of Quick Fix synthetic solution is balanced for pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels like human urine [1]. 

Checking the batch number is the best way to know that you have purchased a product from the right manufacturer, Spectrum Labs, and meets quality testing standards. 

There are so many counterfeit copies that you can easily confuse them with real products. That’s why Quick Fix fake pee uses batch validation to tell you if the product’s formula is current and to protect against other fraudulent behavior [2].

The batch also undergoes an update if it becomes unstable over time using the batch validator.

“If you don’t have a batch number in your bottle, you may have purchased a counterfeit, and it may be difficult to prove the internal specifications of the product.”
Spectrum Labs 

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How to Use Batch Validator

A person checking the batch number on the bottle

To use a batch validator, you must first have a batch code. According to Spectrum Labs, all batch numbers as of 2/2019 are printed on the bottle. The manufacturer further claims to conduct ongoing integrity testing on all their Quick Fix batches, which you can verify with the batch validator. 

Here’s how to validate your batch number:

  • Locate the batch code printed on the bottle or the instruction sheet. 
  • Go to the UrineLuck batch validator tool and enter the batch code. You can also use the Quick Fix synthetic pee QR code found on their platforms. 
  • Verify the date it was made and check that its formula is updated. If the product is expired, a prompted link with instructions will be provided for you to exchange the product and a coupon code to buy a new batch.  
  • Proceed to use after you verify that your Quick Fix is authentic and in the current formula. 

How to Identify Counterfeit Quick Fix Products

A close up shot of Quick Fix synthetic urine bottle and its packaging

To identify counterfeit Quick Fix products, you must first inspect the product’s packaging, logo, and contents. According to Quick Fix, synthetic urine is an essential teller to authentic Quick Fix. 

Let’s look at them below:

  • All authentic 2&3 ounces of Quick Fix bottles will have a batch code. Quick Fix 2 oz products include an insert with the printed batch number. The Quick Fix Plus will have the batch number on the bottle. 
  • Authentic batch codes can be verified on the batch validator to provide real-time updates on batch status. If your bottle does not have a batch code on it, do not use it. You’ll need to contact their support immediately to get a replacement. 
  • Off-brand hand warmers may be another teller of a counterfeit. Don’t risk using your product if the batch is not valid or present and your hand warmer is not Spectrum branded. 

5 Tips to Avoid Buying Counterfeits 

Here are five useful tips you can use to avoid buying counterfeits:

1. Buy Quick Fix Direct from the Manufacturer 

A woman buying Quick Fix products directly from the manufacturerAfter having problems with counterfeit urine solutions, Spectrum Labs began using batch numbers that appear to be random combinations of letters and numbers; there’s no obvious manufacturing date on or in the packaging.

Using an online batch validator to verify your Quick Fix batch would be best.

If you purchase Quick Fix directly from Spectrum Labs, you will get an authentic and updated product from the manufacturing lab.

But, if you bought your Quick Fix elsewhere, the batch validator will let you know if you have an effective product or need to replace it.

2. Look for the Batch Number

Authentic Quick Fix products have a batch code on the instruction sheet or bottle. 

You can further validate the product using a batch validator on Spectrum Labs’ website. If the bottle doesn’t have a batch number and you bought it from the website, you’ll have to contact their customer support. 

3. Report Fakes

UrineLuck batch validator lets you report fakes you’ve encountered in the market, making it easier for them to warn people of counterfeits. 

4. Buy from Authorized Retailers

A person buying Quick Fix products from authorized retailersPurchasing Quick Fix directly from one of Spectrum Labs’ authorized retailers allows you to feel assured that you are buying the absolute best quality synthetic urine.

You are guaranteed an authentic product when you purchase from authorized retailers. 

Spectrum Labs further warns that knockoffs of their product available elsewhere are frequently exposed to be counterfeit and may not work with the same reliability as the real formula.

Check the Quick Fix official website to find authorized retailers and dealers. 

5. Beware of Cheap Products

Be careful if sellers sell Quick Fix products at a cheap throw-away price, as this could mean they are knockoffs. To be safe, compare prices from different resellers and the official Quick Fix website. 

Note that due diligence is your best chance to avoid buying fakes, so be thorough. 


How Do I Check My Quick Fix Batch Number?

Check your Quick Fix batch number by looking at the instruction sheet included in the package or at the top of the bottle. 

How Can You Tell If Quick Fix is Real?

You can tell if Quick Fix is real by running it through a batch validator on their website. The batch validator will tell you when the product was made and if it’s good for use. 

How Do I Know When My Quick Fix Urine Expires?

You can know when your Quick Fix urine expires by verifying the batch code on the bottle using the batch validator. After inserting your code, you’ll receive information showing the date it was made and when it expires. 

UrineLuck Batch Validator Takeaways 

UrineLuck batch validator has been employed by Spectrum Labs to help verify the validity of Quick Fix products and to identify counterfeits in the market. 

Furthermore, to avoid counterfeits, you must buy from the manufacturer and authorized resellers. Ensure that you inspect your package, check for the Spectrum Labs logo on the product, and report any fakes you encounter. 

And if you want to know more about Quick Fix, you can check out what we got after extensive research here


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