Quick Luck vs Quick Fix (5 Comparative Features to Note)

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Synthetic urine has become a valuable tool for various purposes, and it is essential to discern the most reliable and effective brands on the market.

Through rigorous investigation and careful examination, I will shed light on the key differences, advantages, and limitations of Quick Luck and Quick Fix – two popular synthetic urine options.

Find out which synthetic urine will help you pass a drug test.

Key Differences Between Quick Luck And Quick Fix

A doctor holding two different urine samplesThe main difference between Quick Luck and Quick Fix is in the formula. Quick Luck has 11 chemical compounds, including correct specific gravity range and balanced pH, that are so precise to pass a drug test.  

Compared to Quick Luck, Quick Fix has a basic formula with compounds usually found in human urine, like creatinine, urea, and uric acid. From my research, the more complex the urine is, the better it is at passing a drug test. 

Another significant difference is that Quick Luck has heat activator powder and a pad. These two come in handy, especially when you want to turn up the temperature of the sample before submitting it to the lab. 

Unlike Quick Fix, it bridges the gap that arises with faulty heat pads to ensure your fake urine is in the correct temperature range.

Remember, human urine must have a temperature of 90°F to 100°F; otherwise, your sample won’t pass the dipstick test [1]. That’s why keeping it at this temperature range is important to eliminate any grounds for suspicion. 

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Comparing Features Head to Head

Below are five features I used to determine which synthetic urine solution is better for passing a drug test.

1. Ingredients

A person mixing chemicalsDrug testing companies test several important elements besides to ensure the synthetic urine solution is real human urine.

Clear Choice brand claims that Quick Luck synthetic urine has one of the most complex formulas in the market, with roughly 11 compounds of real human urine to pass a drug test. Furthermore, these chemical ingredients are prepared not to affect the pH and specific gravity of the fake urine. 

On the other hand, Quick Fix synthetic urine contains just the basics that validity tests look for, like urea, uric acid, and creatinine levels.

I found it very effective in passing a simple standard drug test. However, for an important drug test, you want to ensure that your sample is presented within the correct temperature range and has the highest chance of surviving both normal checks and a lab-curious eye, which Quick Luck did. 

Both brands also claim that their products are free of biocides and nitrates. Validity testing looks out for adulterants like nitrates and biocide preservatives that lab tests usually flag as synthetic formulas in urine, which both products don’t have. 

2. Effectiveness 

A man pointing at a synthetic urineQuick Luck and Quick Fix pee function by imitating every characteristic of human pee since they both have the same creatinine, pH, and specific gravity as normal urine. Both fake samples would easily pass validity tests that come after temperature checks.

The validity tests check for the correct pH range, specific gravity range, and creatinine proportion [2]. On occasion, they also check for the presence of uric acid and urea. Once you pass, the sample goes on to the next step. 

Quick Luck’s complexity and the heat activator powder will help you pass the immunoassay test (panel drug test) that comes after.

Unless your sample raises suspicion, it won’t undergo a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. In my experience, the heat activator powder made the Quick Luck kit more effective in maintaining the urine within the correct temperature range.

Unlike Quick Luck, Quick Fix synthetic urine comes with one heating pad that you use to keep urine warm. My research showed it can fail by overheating the sample or by releasing the heat too soon, leaving it chilly, and it frequently releases heat irregularly.

Also, one heat pad with no heat activator powder increases your chances of not submitting the fake sample within the correct temperature range. 

Several users also claim that the Quick Fix heating pad is of good quality, but they had to improvise a lot just in case the urine wasn’t warm enough, and they had to run hot water over the urine last minute before submitting it for drug testing.

But with Quick Luck, I had to add about one-third of the heat activator powder and shake it until it dissolved. The heat activator takes 60 seconds to bring up the temperature.

Use a temperature strip to ensure it is within the correct temperature range and submit it. Quick Luck will help you avoid scrutiny for submitting cold or suspicious urine, which is the main reason people fail drug tests.

Moreover, a heating pad adds more bulk, especially if you want to disguise it. Yet another reason why Quick Luck is the best synthetic urine sample since the incredible heat activator powder is easy to hide. 

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3. Solution Form

Both kits have a premixed synthetic urine vial with a heating pad, temperature strip, and instructions. But with Quick Luck, there’s an additional caveat. Clear Choice lets you choose whether to use a heating pad or heat activator powder. 

4. Smell and Appearance 

A person holding a jar of urineBoth fake urine products look like urine with a yellowish hue, it froths like it because it contains albumin like human urine does, and it even smells like urine because of little traces of ammonia.

This feature enables you to pass the notorious scrutiny from the lab if they find a reason to be suspicious.

They could hold it up to the light, smell it, and shake it to check if it foamed the same way that real human pee does, which both brands do because albumin is present. 

5. Price

Quick Luck costs around $105 for a 3 oz bottle of fake pee, while Quick Fix costs $29. If you want more urine samples, you can also benefit from discounts for bulk orders. 

Buy both products directly from the official websites and not anywhere else. You’ll get the best deal, and be sure the product is genuine and fresh.

Official Quick Luck and Quick Fix warn buyers from general retail websites because most of those products are fake or expired. 

Stand-Out Features

A person pouring liquid synthetic urine

Let’s look at the essential ingredients to understand which synthetic urine solution stands out. 

Quick Luck 

Quick Luck has a complex formula with the following ingredients:

  • Urea: A study shows that the usual range of urea in urine is between 60 and 90 mg/dl, and in a single form, the fake urine also contains this amount [3].  
  • Creatinine: Since creatinine indicates a sample’s human origin, it is a great indicator in urine tests to help evaluate whether or not a sample was created recently [4]. That’s why Quick Luck incorporates it in the formula. 
  • Chlorides: The major inorganic salts in fake urine are Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride [5]. Quick Luck has this in their formula since it indicates human urine samples. 
  • Phosphates: Like normal pee, Quick Luck fake urine contains a proper quantity of phosphates so that when checked, the phony urine sample can appear to be natural urine [6].
  • Sulfates: Sulfates are another one of Sub Solution’s inorganic ingredients. For instance, fake urine typically embodies 100-300 mg/L of magnesium sulfate and 500-3000 mg/L of potassium sulfate [7]. 

Quick Fix

According to patent information, Spectrum Labs has the essential ingredients found in Quick Fix, which make it look like real urine [8]. They include:

  • Urea: Adding urea to the fake urine is another feature of the current urine solution. Urea adds that the natural urine smell in Quick Fix synthetic urine makes it appear natural.
  • Creatinine: Creatinine concentration is frequently tested to ensure the sample is pure. 
  • Uric acid: Uric acid is frequently tested for in urine test techniques. Its inclusion in Spectrum Labs’ fake urine gives it an extra layer of realism. 
  • Ionic compounds: According to Spectrum Labs’ patent, ionic products have been added to their fake urine to adjust specific gravity to human urine.  
  • Albumin: Urine foams because of a protein called albumin [9]. Quick Fix synthetic urine already contains albumin, which is noticeable once you shake the sample before submitting.

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Users Review

A woman holding a jar of urine and showing a thumbs up

Here’s what these users had to say about both products. 

“I had to take a test for a new job within 72 hours. I received a Quick Fix order in time with overnight shipping. However, I will mention that the amount in the bottle barely hit the line on the plastic cup. They almost made me take another test, but I waited all day, and they felt bad for me. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous during that moment, but it ended up working out.”
r/Laceb8, Reddit

“I just passed my pre-screening using Quick Luck. I had an appointment set and an hour before, I attached the heat pack. The temp wasn’t quite where I wanted it, so right before leaving the house, I microwaved it for 5 seconds & that did the job. The heat pack & the fact it was stashed in my crotch maintained the temp after that. I also used the spout cap, which is highly recommended. It was an Ecup style from Edge company. A million thanks to the makers of this great product, helping get people jobs & saving careers.”
Mike, Test Negative

Which Synthetic Urine Should You Choose?

Even though the two products have their upsides and drawbacks, they are not the only synthetic urine products available on the market. Clear Choice Sub Solution is a third contender that I highly recommend. 

Clear Choice gained my trust after passing several tests without raising suspicion. Its up-to-date formula, high success rate, and user-friendly features set it apart from other alternatives. However, as with any other option, research and pick the one that best suits your needs.

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