How Much Visine to Put In Urine Test? (3 Beating Tips)

Mixing Visine with urine to pass a drug test

Passing a urine drug test with an adulterant like Visine is a very easy yet risky way to get false negative results. As a research-focused team, we had to find out how Visine works to hide drug metabolites in urine and how much is required to do it. 

We spent several weeks testing the efficiency of Visine on different drugs, including marijuana, opiates, and amphetamines. We compiled this article detailing Visine’s validity in beating a urine test. 

Quick Summary

  • 3-6mL of Visine is required to put in a urine test. 
  • Visine eye drops contain benzalkonium chloride, which masks marijuana drug metabolites. 
  • Visine is only detectable under mass spectrometry. 

How Much Visine Is Required to Pass a Urine Drug Test

A white container of Visine eye dropsA 100mL of Visine per 1 liter of urine is required to pass a urine drug test. A standard drug test usually requires 30-60mL of urine; therefore, depending on the sample, you must add 3-6mL of Visine. 

A study conducted by a laboratory testing an adulterating drug test using Visine found that anything more or less Visine outside of the 3-6mL is ineffective.

According to the findings, it took 100 milliliters of Visine per liter of urine to reduce the 9-carboxy-THC to 35 ug/L, a highly safe level for you [1].

However, there was little difference in the concentration of 9-carboxy-THC in the urine sample when Visine’s content was doubled.

How Does Visine Help You Beat a Drug Test

A person holding a test tube with urine

Visine helps you beat a drug test by masking the drug metabolites, diluting, and creating a false negative. 

Here’s a detailed explanation. 

1. Masking Drug Metabolites

Visine eye drops mask drug metabolites in urine, reducing the likelihood of being picked up in a drug screen. The primary active components of Visine, benzalkonium chloride, and the eye drop’s aqueous solution have been found to generate hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers that trap drug metabolites [2].

Therefore, adding the required amount of eyedrops to your urine specimen might lower the concentration below the cut-off level. 

2. Diluting the Drug Metabolites

Pouring Visine solution to a urine sampleYou can mix a few drops of Visine straight into the urine sample to successfully dilute the sample. By doing this, you will just be adding more liquid to the sample’s concentration of drug metabolites. However, you also need to consider if the drug test uses basic home drug test strips for the test or sends it to a testing facility. 

If they will be employing home drug tests, you’re in luck. These tests show if you have a positive or negative result for the substances being examined. They do not measure the concentration of the metabolites, nor do they check for other significant urine elements like the creatinine level or the specific gravity that might be impacted by dilution.

If you have sufficiently diluted your pee, you may easily pass the drug test. Another benefit is that home drug tests don’t require sophisticated equipment. As a result, there is also a significantly lower chance of false positives.

Visine as a dilution procedure may not be effective if the urine sample is sent to the lab. This is because the few drops that were added to the sample will affect the amount of drug metabolites present while also changing the temperature of the specimen.

Even the most basic Enzyme multiplied immunoassay testing (EMIT) will pick up the smallest fluctuations in the urine’s laboratory temperature range.

The results will fail due to adulteration if the lab testers are convinced that you purposefully diluted the specimen, or they may be required to conduct a GCMS test.

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3. Create False Negatives

A woman looking closely at a urine sampleSeveral studies have been conducted to demonstrate that Visine does contribute to the creation of a false negative during urine drug tests.

According to one study, Visine is the only over-the-counter medication that can effectively invalidate immunoassays when testing for narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine, and opiates [3].

According to the findings of a prior study, which examined the impact of Visine eye drops on drug screening and the process involved, Visine’s main active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, creates a false negative when used in low quantities. 

A portion of the marijuana metabolites (THC-COOH) are concealed in the eye drop’s aqueous solvent when several drops of Visine are added to a urine specimen. While this happens, the other is “trapped” inside the hydrophobic benzalkonium chloride micelles.

As a result, not many metabolites are available for analysis in assays based on antibodies [4]. However, it’s crucial to remember that using Visine to cheat results from urine tests only works with EMIT and FPIA (Fluorescence Polarization Imaging Analysis). 

Note: Because of how little equipment is required, most labs rely on EMIT test credit. Once you’ve tested positive with an EMIT test, they only discuss Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC/MS) as a confirmatory test.

“A clean sample of urine must have an acceptable amount of THC not more than 50 ng/mL.”
US Department of Transportation 

In another study, Visine eye drops were tested for their impact on urine cannabis immunoassay tests. Various drugs were added to drug-free urine samples, including 9-carboxy-THC. Visine was introduced before testing for pharmaceuticals.

Results showed that Visine reduced the concentrations of all drugs but caused false negative results only for 9-carboxy-THC, specifically in EMIT screen tests. Importantly, Visine didn’t affect GCMS tests’ 9-carboxy-THC detection [5].

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Visine Drug Testing Efficiency

A jar filled with urine on top of a paperBased on our research, Visine can only hide the composition of THC in marijuana. Visine won’t work with other substances like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, prescription drugs, barbiturates, or anything else.

Further drug testing facilities also check your sample’s temperature, creatinine level, specific gravity, and pH levels.

While we did not find any findings from Visine affecting the specific gravity or pH levels of urine specimens, the urine temperature may be affected. If the temperature is not within the acceptable limits, the test will be rendered as tampered with. 

To increase your chances of beating the test with Visine, you must ensure that your sample is within 90-100°F. The testing facility is also free to perform further tests on any grounds of adulteration suspicion.

Testing facilities can also use mass spectrometry to identify sample adulteration [6].

Benzalkonium chloride and the borate buffer can directly lower the level of the 9-carboxy-THC metabolite in the urine without affecting the antibodies in the immunoassay.

But 9-carboxy-THC is still detectable by mass spectrometry since these substances do not chemically change it.


How Many Eye Drops of Visine to Add to the Urine Sample?

Add 60 eye drops of Visine to the urine sample. This is because, for every 30-60 mL sample, you are required to add 3-6 mL of Visine. 

Is Visine Detectable on a Drug Test?

No, Visine is not detectable on a drug test if the sample undergoes a common routine integrity analysis. However, the amount of THC will be detected in mass spectrometry. 

Is It Possible to Pass a Drug Test with Visine?

Visine is only effective when the right amount is added to a sample. It can easily go undetected in EMIT immunoassays but will fail if the lab takes it for mass spectrometry. Based on our research, the chances of passing a drug test with Visine aren’t 100%.

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It includes clean, biocide-free synthetic urine that is undetectable and a patented heat activator solution, which boosts the temperature of the urine to normal body temperature in a matter of seconds.



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